Cosmic fireworks, a stunning comet and a rare image of the Moon

Image Credit:astronomymagazine

Cosmic fireworks, a stunning comet and a rare image of the Moon: The shortlist for Astronomy Photographer of the Year

For this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022, an excellent collection of accomplished photographs are up for consideration

 The Royal Observatory Greenwich is organising the competition in collaboration with BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Over 3,000 submissions from enthusiastic amateur and committed professional photographers from 67 different nations have been submitted to the competition this year.

We can now share our favourite pictures with you after a panel of judges narrowed this list down.

The Harvest Moon rising behind Glastonbury Tor in the United Kingdom, the Milky Way lights reflected by the highest national highway in the world in Tibet

one of the most accurate amateur-made maps of the lunar south pole, and a partial solar eclipse over Italy are some of the images from this year's competition that made the shortlist.

The finding of Comet Leonard, a long period comet detected by GJ Leonard on January 3, 2021, was one of the astronomical highlights of that year

It was the brightest comet of the year and made its closest approach to Earth on December 12, 2021

 A stunning photo taken in Namibia by Lionel Majzik was among the submissions to the planets, comets, and asteroids category that concentrated on just this one comet.

Although the weather was cloudy, Majzik noted, "I was happy to capture the really gorgeous Comet Leonard with its tail."

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