Earth 2.0, China’s plan to find a new habitable planet

Elon Musk has already stated that, if such a planet existed, humanity will need it. There is a mass extinction.

The "Earth 2.0" project, which aims to find an extrasolar planet with features similar to those on Earth so that humanity could live there, was recently announced by a well-known Chinese company.

Earth 2.0, the Chinese plan for the new homeland of mankind

A report outlining the Chinese Academy of Sciences' search for a habitable Earth replacement has been published.

The Asian superpower intends to launch a brand-new space observatory by 2026 in this context.

A network of seven tiny telescopes will be operated by scientists at the Chinese Foundation, and it will be positioned in a steady orbit between the Sun and the Earth.

The James Webb Space Telescope is currently situated between the planets Lyra and Chicken, as the website claims.

Why did you select this website to do a file search on? A brand-new home for people? Knowing and mapping this area will someday aid in the search for planets in the habitable zone.

They expect to find between 10 and 20 candidates to “replace” the Earth

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has its headquarters in Beijing and research centres spread around the nation

it will be possible to identify 29,000 exoplanets in transit from the aforementioned position in orbit, of which about 5,000 will be the same size as Earth.

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