Solar storm horror: NASA warns of ‘canyon of fire’ to directly strike Earth IN HOURS

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Solar storms, which are caused by explosions of electromagnetic radiation on the Sun's surface

it can affect a variety of things, from the appearance of auroras to the temporary disruption of particular radio communication frequencies

However, experts have cautioned that strong solar storms like the Carrington event 1859, which destroyed satellites and upset electricity lines worldwide, might create significant disruptions.

Solar winds that have erupted as a result of the Sun's giant "canyon of fire" filament breaking are now expected to shake the Earth.

Today's direct impact of the erupting solar filament is anticipated to result in a G-1 class geomagnetic storm, while other analysts believe the storm may really be much stronger at G-3.

NASA has issued a warning of modest power grid fluctuations and minor delays to satellite operations due to G-1, the lowest type of geomagnetic storm.

Solar observers first noticed the filaments on July 12 when they appeared as dark, thread-like strands against the Sun's bright background, according to specialists reported that three days later, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an eruption

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an eruption as "a black filament of magnetism whipsawed out of the sun's atmosphere, cutting a massive 'canyon of fire'".

The canyon of fire was estimated to be 384,400 kilometres long and 20,000 kilometres deep.

The channel where the thread was suspended above the Sun's surface by magnetic forces was traced by the canyon before instability released the solar explosion directly at the Earth.

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