Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map is a breath of fresh air, but these 5 things would make it better

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The new Fortune's Keep map, which has temporarily replaced Rebirth Island, is one of the highlights of the most recent Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 update

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It is a magnificent invention by High Moon Studios that features breathtaking aesthetics, blisteringly quick action, and a tonne of different ways to get around

If you haven't played Warzone before, this map probably won't interest you, but those who have been seeking for an incentive to do so will be pleased.

However, Fortune's Keep has a number of problems that prevent it from being successful, some of which are simple while others are more complicated

Some of these problems are known to Activision and High Moon Studios, and they will probably be resolved soon. But what kinds of issues hinder Fortune's Keep?

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These are the changes that would enhance the new Resurgence map.

Due to the sparse distribution of Buy Stations, getting a loadout, gas mask, Self-Revive Kit, or other necessities on Fortune's Keep can be difficult. 

There will always be a set amount of Buy Stations during each match, but there never seems to be enough

 In the end, specific Buy Stations will draw a significant number of players, turning them into inadvertent choke spots that hold the majority of the activity

 When trying to advance in a match, this can have a significant negative impact on the pacing and generally cause frustration. 

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