COD Vanguard Season 4 Battle Pass Trailer & Breakdown Revealed

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Since its debut the previous year, Call of Duty: Vanguard has expanded significantly

A new Call of Duty: Vanguard Battle Pass has now been made available as part of the Mercenaries of Fortune season, not long after the reveal of this year's instalment

This is the Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass, which includes two dozen free items throughout and 100 Tiers of new content:

Two brand-new, free-to-use weapons. The Marco 5 is Vanguard's first Akimbo-capable SMG, and the UGM-8 provides suppressive fire assistance to your team

Each offers unique benefits as well as a wide range of customization options through Gunsmith.

Weapon blueprints, charms, and calling cards are among the 25 free items

 The Legendary Weapon Blueprints "Shallow End" and "Crystal Cut," as well as equippable Charms like "Cosmic Discus" and "Mr. Inspector," are among the new goods available

The animated Calling Cards "Within the Storm" and "Ashes of Dust" will draw attention to your player profile. Earn all of these things and more by playing.

The Battle Pass Bundle allows you to skip double-digit tiers. Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle to unlock a quarter of the Battle Pass

 while also receiving full access to all 100 Tiers as well as a Bundle-exclusive Legendary Captain Butcher Operator Skin.

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