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Apple is currently offering a sizable promotion on its streaming boxes,

streaming boxes which can only be regarded as a welcome surprise. You receive a $50 Apple Gift Card with your new Apple TV 4K or HD

purchase, which you can use to purchase video, apps, subscriptions, or new Apple goods.

Notably, you may only receive the gift card if you purchase an Apple TV from the Apple Store before the promotion expires on July 14.

These are obviously pricey devices, but they're worth the money, especially with this deal. The Apple TV 4K costs $179, and the HD model costs $149.

This promotion is undoubtedly being run by Apple to move inventory. Later this year, the business is anticipated to release a new Apple TV box, 

probably with an emphasis on the mid-range market. At least, that's what leaks have reported.

I strongly advise purchasing the Apple TV 4K if you decide to take advantage of this offer

 Seven years old and most likely nearing its end is the less expensive Apple TV HD. 

However, all Apple TV streaming boxes receive support for almost ten years, so the choice is yours. Both will perform admirably.

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