Bungie officially joins PlayStation as $3.6B deal closes

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially acquired Bungie, the Bellevue, Washington-based development studio behind the Destiny video game series (SIE).

Bungie joins the PlayStation Studios network as an independent subsidiary of SIE in accordance with the conditions of the $3.6 billion agreement, which was announced on Jan 31.

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The executive board and former management team, including CEO Pete Parsons, will remain in place.

This places Bungie with other Pacific Northwest developers including Bend Studio (Days Gone), in Bend, Oregon,

Seattle-based Valkyrie Entertainment, and Bellevue's Sucker Punch Productions (Sly Cooper, Ghost of Tsushima).

According to a Friday morning tweet from the official Bungie account, Bungie's current project, Destiny 2, will continue to be accessible on systems other than the PlayStation.

The company's goal is to "make Bungie the best place anyone in the entertainment industry will ever work,"

according to Parsons, who described the acquisition as a "huge, bold move forward" on Twitter.

Despite its newly proclaimed commitment to a remote-first work environment, Bungie has been on a hiring binge over the past six months and intends to continue its planned office expansions

There are now 24 states in the continental U.S. that can apply.

With the new agreement, Sony has made a conscious decision to refocus its development efforts over the course of the following three years

Sony intends to have at least 12 live-service franchises running on the PlayStation by the fiscal year 2025, according to an investor presentation from May.

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