Bright Meteor Flew Over Chicago,

Overnight, if you heard a boom or noticed a dazzling flash of light, you may have seen a bright meteor fly over Chicago before it exploded and burned up in the sky

A bright meteor was seen travelling overhead at roughly 12:52 AM CDT, according to witnesses as far north as Milwaukee and as far south as Alabama.

I was awake at that time and saw a dazzling flash of light, changing colour and intensity, through an open window, followed by a huge boom.

I thought instantly that it might be a meteor because I knew it was the Perseid season, but I wasn't really sure because I hardly got a chance to see it before it vanished.

Fortunately, we have a second security camera that is pointed south, and we were able to record everything.

We recorded this incident and posted it to the American Meteor Society.

The meteor appeared to split off at the end before it burnt up since this camera is hidden behind block glass, but it was truly intact all the way to the conclusion.

When I already indicated, the annual Perseids meteor shower is starting as the Earth passes through the comet Swift-debris Tuttle's field

Although the event for this year started on August 17 and is anticipated to extend until August 24, the greatest viewing will be on August 11 and 12 during the meteor shower's peak.

You can inform the American Meteor Society if you see a fireball occurrence like the one that occurred last night. 

The website gathers information on these events from people all across the world

Over 100 different reports were made about the incident last night, which were used to calculate the meteor's course.

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