As The Great GPU Selloff Begins, Buyer Beware

Right now, cryptocurrencies are suffering. While electricity rates have increased concurrently

the cost of all the large coins has significantly decreased from where it was two years ago

For a lot of individuals, this means that utilising GPUs to mine cryptocurrency is no longer feasible mathematically

Since cryptocurrency is currently so "affordable," it is cheaper to simply purchase it. There is no relief in sight for anyone's electricity costs as summer approaches.

The widespread GPU selloff, which PC gamers have been anticipating since around 2019, has been made possible by this convergence of circumstances.

It is obvious that several of these GPUs have been used extensively and stored damp.

First off, I don't believe mining-related GPUs should be automatically shunned. After all, there are other factors at play in such setting

The majority of miners, if not all of them, undervolt and underclock their GPUs to cut down on heat and power usage

 power usage, which is excellent news for anybody trying to buy them for less

This is the antithesis of that because nobody would desire a card that has been persistently and significantly overclocked

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