AMD's FSR 2.0 Is Now Available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One Developers

The tech giant AMD has announced that FSR 2.0 is now accessible for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One developers as it marks the first anniversary of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

FSR 2.0 "is also supported on Xbox and will be available in the Xbox GDK for registered developers to use in their games," AMD announced in a blog post.

 Additionally, this is the first time the technology has been applied outside of the PC industry.

Those who are not familiar with FSR 2.0 should know that it is AMD's response to NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 

that it is the "next-level AMD temporal upscaling technology designed to deliver similar or better than native image quality and boost framerates in supported games

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across a wide range of products and platforms."

FSR optimises anti-aliasing based on temporal data as opposed to DLSS, which employs machine learning.

Last year, AMD announced that FSR would work with Xbox

 stating that it "uses AI to upscale lower quality images and makes them appear at a higher resolution without requiring a significant amount of performance."

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