AMD to Expand its Ryzen 5000X3D Series with New Models?

Online rumours first surfaced last month, claiming that AMD may not have finished developing its current socket architecture despite the planned fall release

release of its new AM5 Ryzen 7000 desktop processors. To give the AM4 socket the proper send-off it so richly deserved

the leak implied that AMD would release one final series of CPUs as a sort of last hurrah before fully switching to AM5 and the formal and exclusive adoption of DDR5 memory.

In other words, before the end of this year, AMD's new Ryzen 7000 AM5 platform wouldn't just be available; we might also be able to anticipate one last batch of AM4-based processors!

Naturally, this raises the question of why they would do it. There is a long and short answer to this question, but in general, it all comes down to money.

AMD Worried About Sluggish Transition!

Despite introducing the AM5, Ryzen 7000 Zen4, and DDR5 memory upgrades

 it is claimed that AMD isn't fully certain that enough of their current AM4 client base would want to make such a drastic move or are quite ready to do so just yet

In light of this, it was therefore possible to regard the Ryzen AM4 generation as a sort of "stop gap" solution.

Following a report from TechPowerUp, it appears like AMD may be aiming to just expand the range of X3D processors from the wildly popular 5800X3D!

 When the news first broke, I stated that this was the most sensible course of action.

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