A fan spent nearly a million pesos in Nintendo stock asking if they were planning to release a new game or a remake of ‘F-Zero’

How could it be otherwise when one of its admirers made the decision to purchase the Just over 800,000 pesos in stock?

Nintendo always elicits strong emotions of all kinds. He was able to go to the annual shareholder meeting last Wednesday thanks to this buy.

This fan inquired about whether Nintendo has any plans to re-release any games in addition to being allowed to attend the conference.

 One item that fans particularly enjoy is the "F-Zero" racing game. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa's statement has been translated by VGC and is as follows:

Even if the big N spent a lot of money, Report From interested in trade compute it, and that was all simply a bonus, the files still exist now.

F-Zero, Racing and Sci-Fi

Nintendo EAD designed the "F-Zero" series of racing games. He earned his last paycheck in 2004 with the "F-Zero Climax" Game Boy Advance release.

The book's popularity led to the creation of a 53-episode anime in 2003.

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