A bus-sized asteroid is passing earth today

You can watch asteroid 2022 NF as it passes Earth beginning around 4pm EDT Wednesday.

You can watch as a bus-sized asteroid passes by Earth on Wednesday afternoon while staying well within the Moon's orbit.

The 22-foot-diameter asteroid 2022 NF, which was found on July 4 by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System, or Pan-Starrs telescope

telescope at Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii, won't pose a threat to Earth

Asteroid 2022 NF orbits the Sun approximately every 3.7 years

however the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA has yet to map the asteroid's trajectory beyond 2022 in the lab's small body database.

Even though it will travel the closest to Earth over the next six days, it is not the only space rock that will do so.

According to JPL's near Earth asteroid webpage, asteroid 2022 NE, a space rock of a comparable size to 2022 NF, will come to within 85,000 miles of Earth on Wednesday

The bus-sized asteroid 2015 OQ21 will travel 4.3 million miles from Earth on July 12 after passing close to our planet on July 11

The airliner-sized asteroid 2019 NW5 will then approach approximately 3.5 million miles from Earth on July 10.

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