6 meteor showers will likely offer better views than the Perseids this summer

This year's Perseids are expected to be obscured by the almost full moon. The following six minor meteor showers may allow you to see "shooting stars."

The peak month for "shooting stars" is July, which is when the most occur. 

The Perseid meteors, known as the "Old Faithful" of the yearly meteor displays, are another summertime event that skywatchers around the world eagerly anticipate

However, most watchers will miss six very insignificant meteor showers that peak between July 26 and August 21 in the process

Sadly, viewing the Perseids this year will be severely hampered by a nearly full moon. So why not use this chance to visit the other six, which will all have starry, moonless skies?

These  meteor showers are...

Piscis Austrinids
Delta Aquarids
Alpha Capricornids
Iota Aquarids 
The Perseids
Kappa Cygnids

You will essentially be looking at the vanishing point or a void in the sky if you focus your vision here

Here, you can only occasionally glimpse a motionless meteor that is almost directly heading your way.

The majority of meteors, on the other hand, will be visible up to 30 degrees away from the radiant, roughly in the direction of the zenith

the part of the sky that is directly overhead.

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