5 things you may not know about Neil Armstrong

As we celebrate the anniversary of humankind's first steps on the Moon during Apollo 11, we take a look at Neil Armstrong's life.

1. He had several close calls in flight

Armstrong is primarily remembered as the composed captain of Apollo 11's Moon landing in 1969.

However, it took him years of flying to acquire the necessary expertise to control the spacecraft in a secure manner.

2.He had musical talents

Armstrong joined a fraternity and had some fun while pursuing his aeronautical engineering bachelor's degree.

3.He was a private person

Image Credit:nationalgeographickids

In 1962, Karen, Armstrong's second child, passed away at the age of three. She had a tumour on her brain stem, and the condition ultimately led to her death

4.He flew many, many missions

Armstrong wasn't regarded as NASA's top man even though he was chosen for the NASA Astronaut Corps in September 1962.

5.He still had to defend his master's thesis

Following his famous Moonwalk, Armstrong got requests to meet with leaders all around the world. He became well-known, but he still had to work hard to win over his thesis committee.

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