4 Myths About Space We Believe Because Of Movies

The last frontier, space, intrigues us and makes us feel incredibly smart when we can send things into space without them blowing up spectacularly

It genuinely wants to murder all of us and doesn't follow Earth's rules; it's a location where everything just hurtles there. It makes sense why we enjoy making movies about it.

1. About Those Spacesuits…

When it comes to those enormous fish bowl suits astronauts must manoeuvre in, movies tend to take a lot of liberties.

For starters, they cannot be pierced to enable an astronaut to fly through space like Iron Man.

2.About That Gravity…

Who wouldn't find it entertaining to see people floating around in zero gravity and acting awkward? 

 Science fiction film depictions of space's absence of gravity aren't usually accurate. 

3. About Those Comets And Asteroids …

Fair enough, there haven't been a tonne of movies on comets and asteroids and their unusual mechanics

 Because no one was able to detect them beforehand, these speeding minor planets and gaseous ice rocks have generally only been the enormous impending disaster that is about to destroy our planet.

4. About That Deep Space Travel…

Yes, since we haven't been able to travel great distances for a very long time, movies like Passengers, Pandorum

 Oxygen, and even Alien are permitted to exercise their futuristic fiction muscles and invent all kinds of workarounds for issues for which we haven't yet found solutions.

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