2,807-piece Bowser coming to Lego’s Super Mario line

The largest building kit produced by the Lego and Super Mario cooperation will be released this fall, unleashing Bowser's wrath on collectors. 

As part of Lego's adult product range, the Mighty Bowser set includes 2,807 pieces of Nintendo's legendary adversary.

According to Lego's release on Thursday, the reconstruction of Mario's arch-enemy can shoot fireballs and has a movable head, neck, mouth, set of limbs, and tail.

According to Senior Designer Carl Merriam, much as defeating Bowser was always the ultimate task in the Super Mario games

here we're pushing fans to assemble the King of the Koopas from almost 3,000 parts.

We know they're capable and will be eager to get their hands on this fantastic new addition.

Biggest Lego set ever

Image Credit:theverge

While 2,807 is a lot of pieces, it’s far from Lego’s biggest set.

The Lego Art World Map, which includes almost 11,000 pieces, is the largest Lego set that has ever been made. 

The object can be pinned and installed while the owner is travelling. Other releases with a large number of pieces include the Colosseum

Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7,541), and the Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter series (6,020).

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