Don't miss it this time; 2022's last Supermoon rises tomorrow (Aug 11)

This week, the fourth and last Supermoon of the year, will rise. Step outside and take a look at this heavenly spectacle if you don't believe in werewolves.

Astronomers had a spectacular year in 2022 since there were three supermoons.

The sturgeon moon in august will be the last supermoon of the year, following the flower moon in february, strawberry moon in june, and buck moon in july.

Why is it called Supermoon?

No, it won't grant you superpowers; it's just simple astronomy. When the Moon is closer to Earth due to its orbit, it seems larger and brighter, and this phenomenon is known as a supermoon.

 Supermoons typically appear 7% larger and 15% brighter than a regular full moon.

When will it be visible?

The Sturgeon supermoon will be visible from Wednesday (10th Aug), Thursday (11th Aug) and Friday (12th Aug)

however, the supermoon will peak around 01:36 am GMT (7:06 AM IST) on Thursday.

How to watch Sturgeon Supermoon live Online?

If you're not a morning person or the weather prevents you from seeing the Sturgeon Supermoon, you may watch it live online

The Virtual Telescope Project will transmit the Supermoon live on their WebTV service, weather permitting.

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