Valorant Episode 5 – New Map Pearl

Valorant Episode 5 – New Map Pearl, Competitive Rank, And More

Today marks the start of Valorant’s fifth episode, Dimension, and with it, players will actually be entering a brand-new universe. A new map and event pass that are prominently featured at the start of this first Act are just two examples of the new material available to players that jump into this season. The newest battle pass from Valorant features something for everyone who enjoys grinding, and some of our favourite weapons are even getting a new series of electrified premium skins. Here is a brief summary of what is in the most recent episode of Valorant. You can view the patch notes for this season here.

Valorant’s new map, Pearl, is set on an alternate Earth

Since Valorant’s initial release two years ago, Riot Games has done a respectable job of consistently adding new maps to the game. Omega Earth, Valorant’s canonical parallel reality Earth where well-known characters are actually the evil guys, has never been included in any of the previously released maps. Since Omega Earth has been devastated by climate collapse, Pearl, the newest map being added to Dimension: Act I, really sits under a dome in the water on that planet. The fact that it is both inspired by and located in Portugal gives the map a unique appearance and tone that the development team hasn’t fully explored when travelling the globe.

Pearl was created as a plain map without a gimmick, in contrast to the majority of Valorant maps, which have gimmicks like Bind’s one-way teleporters or Fracture’s collapsed centre and ziplines that run the entire length of the map. Instead, it puts the game’s standard three-lane gameplay back in the spotlight. A queue has been established to play Pearl exclusively for two weeks in order to enhance the map’s appeal. Pearl will be added to the competitive rotation after the two weeks are up and the queue is Unrated.

Ascendant Rank in Competitive

With Dimension, Riot has introduced a completely new rank called Ascendant. As a result of its new position between Diamond and Immortal, it has become slightly more difficult to advance in the prestige ranks. The new rank was created to better equitably distribute different types of players within the ranked queues. As lower ranks started to become overcrowded, Riot decided to create a new rank entirely rather than simply moving players up and into sparser lines, which would overwhelm those.

New battle pass

Each new Valorant season includes a brand-new battle pass, and Dimension’s debut is certainly no slouch in that regard. The Spitfire weapon skin for weapons like the Ares and Guardian as well as the Shimmer skins for the Stinger and Bulldog are among the season’s highlights. Perhaps you favour skins with a very technical appearance, like those from the Task Force. Additionally, there is a player card that lovingly depicts a group of Valorant agents crammed into a van on their way to the beach. Oh, and Tactibear and Tactibunny cards, of course. Who could forget those lovely animal companions?

comic book cards on a new event pass

Additionally, a free event pass is available until July 12 for anyone who simply checks in and plays Valorant. Crossover is a celebration that was motivated by the cinematic from Dimension, in which Killjoy, Neon, and Reyna discover comic books featuring themselves on Omega Earth. The Omega Earth comic book covers of three of the Crossover pass rewards are player cards featuring the majority of the Valorant agents, including Omen, who appears on a cover all by himself because he’s awesome, menacing, and edgy and we all adore him for it.

Weapon skins from Prelude to Chaos

Prelude to Chaos, a range of premium skins with a menacing name, is another launch initiative by Dimension. Although there are different colorways as normal, they all start off dark and slightly edgy. As you level them up, the skins will become even more charged with a dark electricity, and the sound of the bullets will start to more closely resemble lasers. The new finisher animation at the highest weapon level will call up chains from below to ensnare your opponents.

When does Act I of Episode 5 end?
Dimension’s first Act is scheduled to expire around August 23 according to the battle pass, but things could change if Riot decides to shorten or even prolong the season.

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