United Airlines will cut domestic Newark flights by 12% to reduce delays

A United Airlines passenger airplane landing at Newark Liberty International Airport on January 19, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey.

Taifun Koskun | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

United Airlines will cut about 50 daily flights from Newark Liberty International Airport next month to reduce delays that have disrupted travelers’ plans this year.

The deduction amounts to about 12% of United’s schedule at the New Jersey hub and applies fully to domestic flights beginning July 1.

United officials have said the delay was the result of a lack of capacity, airport construction and air traffic control – not a shortage of airline staff.

John Roitman, United’s executive vice president and COO, told employees in a note Thursday that “after several weeks of erratic operations in Newark, due to a number of factors, including airport construction, we reached out to the FAA and asked us to temporarily Received a permitting discount. Adjust your schedule there for the rest of the summer.”

“Even though we have aircraft, pilots, crew and staff to support our Newark schedule, this exemption will allow us to eliminate approximately 50 daily departures, thereby reducing excessive delays and improving on-time performance. Will help — not just for our customers, but for everyone flying through Newark,” he wrote.


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