The King’s Guard: Looking back at Elvis Presley’s lone Maine show

On May 24th, 1977, Elvis played the Augusta Civic Center.

A plaque commemorating the occasion still sits proudly in their lobby.

The Civic Center’s Director, Margaret Noel, answered our questions.

To get seats to the performance, her parents had to wait two days.

Elvis was being protected that evening by Bob Vachon, a 30-year veteran of the Augusta Police Department.

Just the way he talks, Vachon remembered. “He asks, ‘How are you?’ Hello, cops, how are you? he then said. He later thanked us for opening the doors so he could exit as he was leaving. But even though I’ve attended every concert, it was the most exciting I’ve ever experienced.

He just came here, which was a major accomplishment for the city of Augusta, said Noel, “His plan was probably to reach Portland and Bangor as well.” “And it is still. It still does; after all, we’ve hosted many talented artists. Mr. Willie Nelson Rogers, Kenny Elvis still exists despite all the rock bands, including Aerosmith and everything else. In other words, he is the King.

In August of that summer, Elvis was supposed to perform in Portland, but he passed away before he could come back to perform in Maine.

He passed on the day before his flight to Maine.

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