The fight is on! Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

The fight is on! Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is CONFIRMED for August 6 at Madison Square Garden with the grudge match finally announced after ‘The Problem Child’ issued his bitter rival a final 24-hour ultimatum

On Thursday afternoon, it was revealed that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury would square off on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Originally scheduled to fight in December of last year, Fury withdrew due to a broken rib and a chest infection he had contracted prior to the fight.

Paul earlier vowed he would not give the Briton another chance and instead improved to 5-0 by stunning former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul declared in May that he will be making a comeback in August, along with Amanda Serrano, whom he also promotes. The former YouTuber turned boxer did not then reveal who his opponent would be.

But ahead of the highly awaited fight, Fury disclosed on Thursday that he has finally signed the deal, saying: “Just to let you all know, the fight on August 6 is going ahead, the contract has been signed.”

‘Jake Paul has signed up for the drug test at last, after weeks and weeks of waiting for him to do so and maybe endangering the battle.

We’ve reached an agreement on a contract, so the fight will proceed. I’ll see you on August 6.

Soon after, Paul tweeted: “Okay everyone, he grew a set overnight.” This served as the formal confirmation of the match.

It’s official—I’m going to chop off this little Fury’s head. At the boxing Mecca, Amanda Serrano and I will compete in a dual main event.

The formal declaration came less than a day after Paul gave Fury his final warning; at the time, “The Problem Child” had claimed on social media that his opponent was once more in danger of being forced to withdraw from the bout.

Tommy Fury, you withdrew last year, Paul tweeted. Your dad is attempting to yank you away once more, but you’ve decided to fight me now.

We provided you with the $2 million purse, VADA testing, and tampons that you requested.

You have 24 hours to resolve this, or I won’t give you this chance again.

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions will market the bout, and a launch event is planned for next Wednesday in New York. On the same day, tickets will go on sale. There hasn’t yet been a broadcaster for the UK but it will air on Showtime Boxing in America.

It will be Fury’s second fight of 2022 after he laboriously defeated the unknown Daniel Bocianski by decision after six rounds in April to improve to 8-0.

Since his shocking knockout victory against Woodley in December of last year, Paul has not competed.

He now stands at 5-0 after defeating YouTuber AnEsonGib, former basketball player Nate Robinson, and MMA fighter Ben Askren. This was his second win against the American in a row.

Brenda Carabajal will face Serrano, who narrowly lost her uncontested match against Katie Taylor in April.

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