Summerfest opening day Thursday

The Big Gig is almost back! On Thursday, June 23, thousands will be enjoying Summerfest and all it has to offer.

The stages are set. The lineup is locked in. All we need is for the gates to officially open.

You can tell Summerfest is returning with a bang by adding a little bit of rap, a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, and a little bit of country.

Charles Neal referred as “Lil Wayne.” The prospect of seeing Lil Wayne excites me.
Windy f Neal and his family are anticipating seeing Baby at the Big Gig. They’ll have a lot more fun.

Neal said, “The food!” “Down here, I get to sample so many different foods.”

Vendors and Summerfest staff were out in force on Wednesday afternoon setting up for fun and great music.

Scott Ziel, Summerfest’s entertainment director, said, “We’ve put together terrific lineups.” “Right now, we’re just waiting for people to arrive and use it.”

The festival will take place over three weekends, from July 7 to 9 and from June 23 to 25.

The public’s feedback was taken into account while deciding to use that format, according to Ziel. “We focused on the weekends so people could make the most of their time and come see us a few times because we’re on the weekends,”

There will be small-scale performances by The American Family Insurance House.

We have a stage, but the atmosphere is more like that of a living room, according to Ziel.

Milwaukee summertime is almost fully restored. It goes beyond the music.

Summerfest represents wonderful family activities for me, according to Valisha Burton.

“Summerfest is being unified as a community and bringing the family together,” added Neal.

Summerfest has a good deal of confidence that the new concept will succeed. On Thursday, the gates open at noon.

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