NBA Draft 2022 Trade Tracker

NBA Draft 2022 Trade Tracker: Full details and grades for every deal

Is it really the NBA Draft if there aren’t a tonne of deals, as when a tree falls in the jungle and no one is around to hear it?

The transactions that take place throughout the selection night are maybe more associated with the NBA Draft than the stylish suits and the actual players selected. The safest bet in all of sports is that at least one or two names announced at the podium tonight will not be playing for the team making the decision. However, because to league rules, no trade is technically official until after the draught is over.

In exchange for star veteran Vlade Divac, Charlotte traded their first-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers on draught night in 1996. The only issue was that Kobe Bryant was selected in the first round. For the rights to Dirk Nowitzki, the Dallas Mavericks transferred Pat Garrity to the Milwaukee Bucks in 1998, while the Chicago Bulls dealt Scottie Pippen to the Sonics in 1987 in exchange for the draught rights of Olden Polynice, a future first-round selection, and a future second-round pick.

Future Hall of Famers were transferred in each of those deals to clubs that would go on to win championships.

Trae Young and Luka Donicic were most recently traded between the Mavericks and Hawks, a move that helped both teams reach Conference Finals within a few years after the transaction. So rather than asking if a deal will happen tonight, we should ask how we will remember it in a decade and beyond.



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