Fact Check: Is GTA 6 coming out in 2022?

Since Rockstar formally announced GTA 6 there have been numerous rumours about the game floating around. This occurred in February of this year, and ever since then, a variety of brand-new purported leaks have surfaced.

Whether or whether the game will be launched this year is one of the most important questions that some of these leaks have raised. Unsurprisingly, no reliable source has been able to confirm the release date. This article goes into further detail about such rumours or leaks and the reasons they’re untrue.

Why is GTA 6 not releasing in 2022?

Rockstar has only officially acknowledged the existence of a new Grand Theft Auto game as of yet. In other words, GTA 6—or whatever the game’s eventual name is—is definitely real. But no formal statement has been made about it as of yet. Players haven’t yet seen a proper trailer that highlights at least some of the fundamental gameplay mechanics.

It would be totally insane to expect the game to release this year in such a situation. This is because a new Grand Theft Auto game will unquestionably be a AAA product that pushes the limits of its forerunners. Such a game requires many years to create, and Rockstar has never released a GTA game the same year it was announced.

Rockstar Games will release their forthcoming game in the same manner as previously, as numerous well-known GTA insiders, like Tez2 and Tom Henderson, have predicted. This indicates that the release of the following Grand Theft Auto game before 2024 or 2025 is unlikely. The developers of the new game may continue a trend that fans have observed with earlier Rockstar Games games.

Grand Theft Auto V:
Reveal – 2011Release – 2013
Red Dead Redemption 2:
Reveal – 2016Release – 2018
Grand Theft Auto VI:
Reveal – 2022 (delayed due to COVID-19 lockdowns)Release – 2024

Two musicians, KRYPTO9095 and El Nitro 56, are purportedly working on the Grand Theft Auto game’s soundtrack, according to speculations. This presumption was made as a result of KRYPTO9095’s quick Grand Theft Auto game teaser on Twitter.

He posted a mock-up GTA 6 banner on his YouTube account as a response to the earlier post. This idea was supported by the fact that the official Rockstar account followed him on Twitter. El Nitro 56, in response to KRYPTO9095’s article, that the latter was a coworker of his.

Additionally, he flashed a stylised Rockstar logo that was allegedly one of several gifts he was given for his assistance in the development of GTA 6. None of this is currently supported by any reliable sources.

As part of a non-disclosure agreement, anyone working on a game is not allowed to talk about it until it is formally announced (NDA). The public discussion of a planned game by KRYPTO9095 and El Nitro 56 seems a little strange.

Rockstar is famous for keeping the details of significant upcoming releases a secret until they are made public. Furthermore, it is doubtful that insiders would be so blatant in sharing knowledge or making claims about being involved in a forthcoming release. Even while it’s probable that El Nitro 56 and KRYPTO9095 are actually active in the game, fans shouldn’t take such rumours seriously.

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