Employees give an NPS of -29 to their organizations

Employees give an NPS of -29 to their organizations’ online training, despite increased investment in e-learning

Over 1,500 employees as well as HR and L&D professionals were polled for Gamelearn’s most recent interactive report, Contradictions of Corporate Training 2022. The findings show that despite an increase in digital training investments by 64% of firms over the past year, there is still a disconnect between what organisations are giving in terms of e-learning and what employees are expecting.

When workers from various industries were asked what they thought of the online training they had received, the results were alarming: they gave the programme at their employers an average NPS rating of -29. This is consistent with the usual e-learning evaluations, which are currently being aggravated by digital fatigue.

Employees were asked what they would want to find in their online classes, and the overwhelming response was real-life simulations (66%) and gamification (40%) Curiously, consultants and L&D experts feel that these components should be included in their courses as well.

Most workers and professionals, as well as the budgets of their employers, are prepared to accept new formats and approaches in digital corporate training. Why then hasn’t there been more evident advancement in that area? Innovation is commonly associated with novel and difficult procedures, yet in situations like game-based learning, nothing could be further from the reality.

The fundamental components of game-based learning are straightforward but extremely powerful. The goal is to combine excellent content with a compelling narrative, fun gamification components, and simulations that provide quick feedback (learning by doing). A far cry from the -29 employees scored their typical e-learning courses last year, this approach has allowed serious games, or training video games, to reach an NPS of 45. To refresh digital corporate training programmes, these serious games have emerged as a wise investment.

With the help of this methodology, the HR and L&D teams have achieved and are still achieving their training goals in line with the anticipated effects on the company. While engaging formats are appreciated by employees, learning how to assimilate and retain information while

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