A new Apple TV 4K Siri remote hint was seen in iOS 16. techradar

Failure to launch tvOS 16 Recent Apple WWDC 2022 That came as a disappointment to fans of the company’s Apple TV 4K streaming box. And while we’ve been able to glean potentially new features from the tvOS 16 beta version currently available to developers, there’s proof that there’s become a new Siri remote that’s really grabbing our attention.

news comes to us MacRumorswho cites a contributor aaronp613 On-line software and device database appledb As traced references to “SiriRemote4” in iOS 16 beta. According to a MacRumors article, other references to the Siri Remote in iOS 16 beta top out in SiriRemote3 — the version included with current Apple TV 4K boxes released in 2021 — so SiriRemote4 could indicate a new remote to be included with the upcoming new one. Is. streaming box.


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